The land of vineyards and wine-producing châteaux

Tasting excellence and the region’s wines

Seen the term “AOC” on wine labels and never been too sure what it means? Don’t worry – we can help! It’s a French wine standard which stands for “Appellations d’Origines Contrôlées”, equivalent to “Protected Destination of Origin”. Here in the Libournais region, you can enjoy some of the most renowned vintages in the world! Red, rosé, white… Get to know these incredible tastes, which have earned flawless reputations around the world.

See all of the AOCs in the Libournais region

Wine-producing châteaux and sacred vines

The Libournais region boasts several prestigious vineyards. Between Pomerol, Fronsac and Saint-Émilion, you’re spoilt for choice when it comes to discovering renowned wine-producing châteaux and their culture which has been centred around the vines for thousands of years…


Where tradition oozes from the ancient stones

It takes more than pressing some grapes to make wine! In the Libournais region, the wines are the product of thousands of years of experience, working the land and wine-making techniques. Savouring Libournais wines will take you on a tasting journey through time.

Here, wine culture is everywhere. It forms the region’s identity, and structures its landscapes, economy and ways of life. Unlike truffle hunters who never reveal their best spots, we’re not here to keep any secrets from you, so here are our best family-ran locations for discovering the region’s produce. From small, charming estates to royal châteaux, you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Corkscrews at the ready!

Everyone has heard it: Bordeaux wines have an excellent reputation all across France and around the globe. Set within the world’s largest wine-growing region, the Libournais is the largest wine-producing region in Bordeaux.

Its many wine estates form a region rich in diversity, and unlike what you may be led to believe, you won’t just find red wine in the Libournais wine-growing region. Our tastings aren’t lacking in colour, and you’ll be treated to red, rosé, white and even sparkling wine, accompanied by elegant food pairings. Between the aperitif and dessert, you’re sure to be kept satisfied!

Extraordinary tastings

We like to do things our own way here in the Libournais region! While discovering the vineyards in style by taking a horse-and-carriage, a tuk-tuk or even a side-car, there are a few other elements needed to give you an exceptional wine-tasting experience: an idyllic setting and passionate wine-producers.

Whether you prefer an original wine cellar or a stunning room renovated by famous architects, here in the Libournais region, you can choose the tasting experience for you. Vertical wine tasting (trying the same wine from different years) will satisfy even the most demanding palates, and a hike with a picnic amongst the vines is the perfect day trip for nature-lovers. So, have you decided where you want to experience your first Libournais wine tasting yet?

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