Surfing the Libournais waters

Riding calm waters

If you think that lake activities lack an adrenaline rush, you may well change your mind after visiting the Libournais region’s nautical parks! Find your balance on your wakeboard, and get ready for a day full of action and thrills! Izon, Sablons and Dagueys are all perfect lakes in the Libournais region for a spot of wave-riding.

Surfing the tidal bore

Sure, you want to get your board out and dive into the rolling waves, but you can hardly do that when you’re so far from the sea. Or can you? You’ve got it – you can surf in the Libournais region! Driven by the waves created by the tidal bore, ride the currents of the Dordogne!

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Full speed ahead on the lakes of Libourne

You may be surprised at the variety of activities you can get stuck into on the waters of the Libournais region! It wouldn’t even be unusual for you to spot some riding fans to be out with skis! So, grab a life jacket and a tow, and come test out water-skiing on the Libournais region’s lakes.

Paddling along the Libournais rivers

With a dozen rivers and as many water points, the region’s most spectacular places can be discovered by boat. A kayak is the perfect mode of travel for weaving along the Libournais region’s rivers!

paddle libourne

Row, row, row your… board?

Can’t decide between a board or a boat? Enjoy the best of both on the Libournais region’s lakes and rivers, working on your balance and your paddling technique! Set your own pace, or just go with the flow of the current: Paddleboarding is the perfect activity exploring the Libournais heritage.

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Fire up the BBQ

If you’re the type to impatiently wait for the summer weather each year so you can head down to the water and get your barbecue out, we’d recommend trying the Barbecue Boat! From Porchères Windmill, you can board these round boats fitted with a barbecue to enjoy a boat trip that will satisfy budding sailors and foodies alike!

bateau barbecue libourne

Pedal on water with a waterbike

When you’re wanting to get a closer look at nature, you sometimes have to choose between picking up your bike helmet or your life jacket. Not in the Libournais region, though! Here, you can combine the two, with a waterbike! At the heart of a classified nature reserve, hop onto your waterbike and get pedalling to explore the River Isle!

There’s room on-board for everyone!

Are you a fan of nautical activities and team sports? Well, get the whole gang together on the same boat! A rowing trip in the Libournais region is a great way to improve teamwork, bonding, not to mention a great workout!

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