Strolls along cobbled streets filled with heritage

The château route

In the Libournais region, all of the wine-growing properties are called “châteaux”, regardless of how grand or humble the building is. There are also some actual medieval stone castles, just waiting to be discovered. Close your eyes and listening closely, if only the walls could speak… They’ll transport you back to the Hundred-Year War era…


Windmills close to our hearts

A heritage that is sure to spark your imagination, windmills have a special place in Libournais hearts. Thanks to the region’s powerful rivers, several windmills were built to make not only flour, but also steel, oil, and paper. A world of ingenious mechanics is waiting to welcome you!

Religious heritage

The Libournais region is crossed by the Camino de Santiago route, and hence has a rich religious heritage. The Notre-Dame de Guîtres abbey is a perfect example of the many churches dating back to the 17th Century. Amongst these gems is the Saint-Jean de Libourne church, which boasts a thorn from Christ’s crown, gifted to the church by Charlemagne!

The farms

Some of the region’s farms are even open to the public. Cows, pigs, and sheep… It’s a wonderful day out for little ones and grown-ups alike! Sometimes, you can also buy products produced on the farm and meet the farmers.

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