Our natural beauty spots

With two rivers down the middle!

In the Libournais region, rivers are a key part of the landscape, much to our delight! On the agenda: touring cruises, canoeing, paddleboarding, fishing trips, swimming… Whether you’re enjoying a family trip or getting away with friends, there are plenty of options for enjoying the water!

Take the scenic route

Make the most of the Libournais region’s lakes by taking a dip, heading out on a fishing trip, or enjoying a picnic

The Libournais region has some beautiful lakes where there are 1001 activities to try… Chill out on the beach at the shore of Lake Dagueys while the kids get stuck into some water games, take a jog around Lake Cadarsac, or tuck into a family picnic under the pine trees at the edge of Lake Saint-Christophe de Double.

Discover this unmissable beauty spots!

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