The fortified town of Libourne!

At the heart of the world’s most prestigious vineyard, the fortified port town of Libourne is an unmissable stop between Bordeaux and Saint-Émilion. Given its location, overlooking both the estuary and the inland region, the town naturally became a predominant point for trade and commerce. Now, 750 years after its foundations were laid, visiting the Bastide will take you back in time whilst also showing you have Libourne has constantly reinvented itself.

The streets ooze with a unique atmosphere that is both tranquil and vibrant, reflecting daytime strolls which roll into lively evenings, best enjoyed with a drink in hand, in good company, as the sun sets.

The must-see sights of Libourne
Take a wander through the historic town centre, visit the Musée des Beaux-Arts, set off on a cruise along the Dordogne, discover the tastes and smells of the Sunday morning market, enjoy Libournais wines, get the whole family involved as you explore the town with the Terra Aventura app…

Be your own knight in shining armour at the Château de Vayres

Overlooking the Dordogne, the Château de Vayres is one of the most beautiful châteaux in Aquitaine. Today, you’ll find a classified Historic Monument, one of the most stunning emblems of the Renaissance. Once you’ve passed through the impressive wooden gateway, which was formerly a drawbridge, you’ll enter the inner courtyard, where the tour begins. Admire the drawing rooms decorated with hunting trophies and a wonderful tapestry collection, discover traditional cuisine, and marvel at the library and its elegant furnishings.

Renovated by Louis de Foix, the architect behind Cordouan lighthouse, the property was previously owned by Henri IV and then César Borgia. Its typical French gardens are the perfect setting for this architectural gem.

La Calinésie
Next stop: La Calinésie!

Whether you’re looking for a chance to relax or something more sporty, you’re sure to find it in this bright, and modern setting. There’s something for everyone in the 200 m² lagoon. If you’re up for some fun, there’s the dedicated play area, including a super chilled-out lazy river, bubble jets, water cannons, and an illuminated water slide covering an impressive 75 m in length, which will delight the more daring members of your group.

With spaces and activities for little ones and grown-ups alike, everyone is sure to spend an unforgettable day in Libourne!

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All aboard for a Libournais cruise

You can now discover the Libournais region from a touring cruise boat. Set sail for a unique experience along the Dordogne. Leaving from Libourne Bastide, take a break from the everyday hustle to enjoy a couple of hours in the fresh air, on the water. Thanks to a tour guide, you’ll learn all there is to know about this natural heritage, a certified Unesco Biosphere reserve. Perhaps you’ll even be lucky enough to witness the rare and spectacular natural phenomenon of a tidal bore! Step on-board a cruise to discover the Libournais region like you’ve never seen it before! We’ll be setting sail again in Spring!

The Tidal Bore
surfing the Dordogne, 100 km from the ocean

The Libournais tidal bore isn’t just any old wave – this unique Dordogne wave attracts surfers from all around the world hoping to take on this natural phenomenon. In a very particular spot on the river, and depending on the tide, a spectacular natural wave rolls out of the ocean, pushing up the estuary and then the Dordogne. As it quickly progresses over the water, this stunning natural phenomenon swells, gives way, rises up, dissipates, reappears, and the rolls into the bed of the Dordogne, breaking on shores over 100 km away from the ocean.

There’s no other wave in France like the Libournais tidal bore!

A Wine Tour:
Made in Pomerol style

Pomerol: Discover what all the fuss is about

The crown jewel amongst 785 internationally renowned hectares, the Pomerol vineyard is a star in its own right, with unique and exceptional geological features. It is thought that wine has been produced here as far back as the Roman age, and certainly since the Middle Ages.

There is no shortage of excellence here: Petrus, Gazin, La Conseillante, L’Evangile, Beauregard, Nenin, Clinet, Sales… Full-bodied, fine, exquisite and generous, combining power from the roots whilst maintaining perfect harmony… This designation produces some of the best of the best when it comes to wine. Tasting the wine is something that should be on everyone’s bucket list. A Wine Tour can be enjoyed in a variety of styles – on bike, as a romantic couple’s experience, by tuk-tuk, amongst friends…

A unique railbike adventure

Set out for a truly unique escape into the great outdoors! In heart of the Double Saintongeaise forest, feel the wind blowing through your hair as you enjoy this 18 km return route. Alternating between forest clearings and the midst of the woodlands, you can take in the surrounding wildlife, as well as the artwork dotted along the route. A day out for all ages, offering a getaway into the heart of the forest.

The Porchères Windmill
Our cornerstone

The Porchères windmill is one of the most stunning flour mills in Aquitaine which remains open to the public. A registered Historic Monument, this is the ideal spot for spending a day of exploring with the family. As soon as you arrive, you’ll discover the many activities on offer: guided tours, family workshops, trails to be discovered on foot or on bike, waterbiking, and even barbecue boats… Quite literally get to grips with bread-making in the “make your own bread” workshop, then follow a knowledgeable guide through the twists and turns of the flour mill as you learn all about the journey of a wheat grain as it’s turned into flour. Let yourself be won over by the charms of this incredible vessel of the region’s industrial heritage, and make wonderfully unique memories together as a family.

1001 water activities

Between the Dordogne, the Isle, and the Dronne, the Libournais region is the ideal location for fans of being on the water.

If active holidays are more your style, why not try your hand an canoeing trips, paddleboarding, or even waterbiking? Want to try something new? We recommend having a go on the Barbecue Boat, to enjoy a great moment in good company on the River Isle. As for watersport fans, we’ve got you covered with wakeboarding! There are 3 spots for wakeboarding in the Libournais region… Take your pick! There are several lakes where you can enjoy water-skiing or even take a jet ski out for a spin.

The best places to eat
Taking it easy by the water

When the weather’s good, you’ll find the banks of the Dordogne, the Isle and the Dronne, buzzing with people, and for a good reason: The charms of our river banks have inspired restaurant owners to create simply wonderful dining settings. From hippy-chic vibes to karaoke on the grass, and surrounded by twinkling fairy lights or sat around a shared table, you’re sure to fall for the vintage (yet incredibly on-trend) charms of the bars and restaurants the Libournais region has to offer! We can’t wait to welcome you to discover the joys of chilling with a drink in-hand, in one of our eight favourite spots for kicking back and taking it easy…