With two rivers down the middle

Whether it’s by boat, paddleboard, canoe or waterbike, there are 1001 experiences just waiting for you to try them on the waters of the Libournais region

Just 30 minutes from Bordeaux, the Libournais regions guarantees a relaxing getaway in the great outdoors! You’ll find preserved landscapes with rolling scenery strewn with rivers and vineyards. Part of UNESCO’s World Network of Biosphere Reserves since 2012, the Dordogne and its tributaries, the Isle and the Dronne, are treasures cherished by the Libournais locals.

Today, you can visit windmills and navigate the Dordogne from Libourne Port to Saint-Émilion… You can surf the tidal bore 100 km from the ocean or head up the River Isle… If wine is the feather for foodies Libournais region’s cap, the rivers are certainly an extra feather for fans of the great outdoors.


  • Where can I go canoeing?
    There are multiple canoeing spots on the River Isle: the Saint-Christophe de Double leisure park, Guîtres Port, or the waterfront centre in Coutras.
  • Where can I go paddleboarding?
    You can try paddleboarding at Guîtres Port, or the Charbonnière leisure park in Saint-Seurin-sur l’Isle.
  • What activities are there to enjoy on the river?
    There are many great activities to enjoy: paddleboarding and canoeing at Guîtres Port and at the Charbonnière leisure park in Saint-Seurin-sur l’Isle, waterbiking at the Porchères Windmill, or canoeing at the Village du Livre.

Chill-out spots for foodies

The Libournais region is the ideal place to sit back, watch the sunset, and enjoy a wonderful evening by the water’s edge with friends or family. Feel the grass underneath your feet and soak up the breathtaking view of Libourne and its Tour de Grand Port, kicking back on floating platforms with a view over the joining of the rivers, on the banks of the Isle in the heart of the countryside, or go for the typical French afterwork style, with a stunning view of the sunset over Libourne Port… You get the idea – there’s a wonderful spot for food and drink for everyone!

Touring cruises departing from Libourne

If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the town, head down the quayside in Libourne. The unobstructed view over the joining of the rivers is well worth a river cruise on the Dordogne!

Set out on a touring cruise and discover the beauty of the river, enjoying a moment to savour precious moments with family or friends…

Each cruise is hosted by a guide, so you’ll learn all there is to know about the Dordogne, its “Man and Biosphere” UNESCO certification, and the tidal bore.

An idyllic fishing trip

Did you know that the Libournais region is the second-most popular fishing spot in the Gironde region? Whether you’re an avid fisher, a total beginner, or just like the idea of having a go at fishing, there are some wonderful spots for casting your rod, particularly Dagueys Lake: free fishing events are organised all summer-long by the Tourist Office.

The River Isle is also a great playground for fishing fans, with spots in open environments, on towpaths, or shaded by trees along the river’s edge. Just what you need for an idyllic fishing trip.

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