The best canoeing spots in the Libournais region

It’s paddles at dawn in the Libournais region!

Between the Dronne, the Isle and the Dordogne, the Libournais region isn’t lacking in the river department! Rivers and streams criss-cross the region, giving you dozens of routes that are canoe- and kayak-friendly.

Whether you fancy a quick afternoon session out on the water, or a longer trip over several hours, you’ll find your happy place amongst the various canoeing spots in the Libournais region.

Take on the river your way

The biggest dilemma you’ll face in the Libournais region: the Isle or the Dronne? From the small port in Guîtres, take to the River Isle for a great session on the water in a preserved landscape.

Fancy something a little more active for your canoeing or kayaking trip? Head to the Village du Livre. It’s not all about reading here, you can also pack a picnic into a canoe and heading off for a 5.5-hour adventure along the Dronne!

Still undecided? Just a few kilometres from there, head to the Coutras nautical park for an introduction to the sport or to head out onto the river of your choice.

Canoe, kayak – what’s the difference?

In Libourne, you can enjoy both canoeing and kayaking! But… What (really) is the difference between the two boating options?

A quick crash course:

🚣🏽‍♂️For canoes:

  • Position: Sat on a raised bench, legs bent.
  • The paddle only has one blade.

🚣🏽‍♂️For kayaks:

  • Position: sat on the base of the boat, legs stretched out.
  • The paddle has a blade on each end, known as a double-paddle.

So, what’s your favourite activity?


Where do these unusual boats come from?

  • Even if there’s no major physical differences between the two vessels, they do have some pretty different geographic origins!
  • We have the American Indians to thank for canoeing, while kayaking was invented by the Inuit (you know, the people we associated with igloos).
  • The latter use seal skins and driftwood to make their kayaks. Admittedly, the kayaks found in the Libournais region are very different, made from processed materials to create more colourful and lightweight structures!
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