Wine tours: heady escapades in the Libournais vineyards

Create and follow your own wine route

From introductions to tastings, it just takes one step. You can discover oenology in Libourne just as well in the vines or in the wine cellars. Whether you’re with friends, with your special other half, or with the kids, you can step through the doors of the most stunning properties in the region. Ready to meander through the valleys on a Wine Trip, strolling amongst the Libournais region’s wine-producing lands.

🐣Wine Tour with the family: little ones and grown-ups alike can have fun discovering the world of wine

🌹Romantic Wine Trip: sweep that special someone off their feet amongst the vines

😎Wine Tour with friends: is there anything better than enjoying a glass of wine in good company?

Enjoy a family adventure in the vines

Forget what you’ve heard! Kids are welcome in the vineyards of the Libournais region! There’s no chance of overly history-focused tours with kids dragging their feet… Here, the programme is 100% adapted for your little ones:

🔎Wine detective treasure hunt

🎲Escape game with juice tasting

🍇Smell game to test their senses

Get love drunk in the valleys

The perfect hideaway for loved-up couples, the Libournais wine-producing region can be seen in its most wonderful colours at the end of the day, transforming your Wine Tour into a real-life fairytale. On the agenda for your trip:

🌅 Sunset over the valley

🏰Tours of royal châteaux

🍫”Wine and Chocolate” tasting

Discovering oenology with friends

There’s always someone in the friendship group who knows their wines! You too can dare to swirl your wine, sticking your nose in with a knowing, experienced inhale. The Wine Tour is the perfect occasion for becoming a wine connoisseur:

🧀Picnic amongst the vines

🍷Harvesting weekend for total immersion

🍇Hiking through the vines

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