Paddleboarding in the Libournais region: 3 locations, 3 vibes

Feel like a modern-day Pocahontas on your paddleboard, as you paddle on your knees or standing up, gliding over the rivers or lakes, at one with nature. Have a go at paddleboarding in Libourne to enjoy a sense of freedom on the water, and soak in the beauty of this preserved environment.

Discover our 3 must-try spots for paddleboarding in the Libournais region to enjoy an incredible getaway to areas where you can be at one with nature.

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On the agenda

Head to the Mecca of watersports in Sablons

Follow the turns of the river to Coutras

Depart from the little port in Guîtres

Spot 1: In Sablons, at the wakepark

Welcome to Dahu Wake Part, a Mecca for watersport fans! With its huge watersport course, enjoy a paddleboard excursion to get a front row seat for the expert and beginner riders who’ve come to hone their skills. What about swapping the paddle for a tow rope for a towed wakeboarding session?

👉  10ter champ de Gougeon, 33910 Sablons (FR)

👉  (+33) 7 56 94 70 81

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Spot 2: In Coutras, at the nautical park

Chill out and relax to the rhythm of the paddles as you meander along the Dronne. On your paddleboard, you’ll be able to admire the wildlife around the Coutras nautical park. You can also rent out a kayak or canoe. Once back on dry land, grab a table at the Guinguette du Vieux Pont to try some of the region’s traditional dishes.

👉 Site du Frais Rivage, Coutras 33230 (FR)

👉 (+33) 6 43 41 96 60

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Spot 3: In Guîtres, on the River Isle

In the summer season, Gaël and Jean-Felix are here to welcome you at the enchanting port of Guîtres for a paddleboarding session on the River Isle. Individually or in a group on a giant paddleboard, enjoy this unique moment on the water. Swims, splashes and giggles are guaranteed: your nautical escape on the Isle is sure to be eventful!

👉 Port de Guîtres, 33230 Guîtres

👉 (+33) 6 81 41 47 22

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