Gliding sensations and nautical activities in the Libournais region

Spoiler alert: nautical spots away from the crowd

Whether you’re looking for a shady corner to chill out in, or the perfect spot for trying out something new, the whole gang will find their haven in the Libournais region. Between the lakes, the rivers, and the nautical clubs around Libourne, there’s plenty of fun to be had! So, what’s your activity of choice?



🐥Lazy river

💧 Slides

🚲 Waterbiking

Secret gems in the Libournais region

Whilst the Atlantic coast is taken by storm during holiday seasons, the Libournais region is guarding some real gems. Lakes and rivers not yet discovered by the crowds, with white sand and turquoise waters are nestled into the Libournais landscape. Far from the crowded beaches and burger stands, welcome to the secret gems hidden in the Libournais region:

☀️ Espiet Lake

🌿Nauves Lake

🐟 Saint-Seurin-sur-l’Isle Beach

⛱  Dagueys Lake

Do it with originality

Are you someone who likes to get involved in the action, and try out new, unique activities? Libourne gives you the opportunity to kick back and glide along the lazy river, but for those looking for a more unique experience: waterbiking! Well, you may be used to cycling on dry land, but what about pedalling on the water? Perched on your floating seats, you’ll start moving across the water within a few turns of the pedals. You’ve got to admit – the Libournais region knows how to make a trip original!

Sensations at full throttle

Why wait for a stag or hen party in your friend group to organise a thrilling activity for the whole gang! Each day is an excellent opportunity to create unforgettable moments with friends. In Libourne, one way you can do that is by wakeboarding over 100 km away from the coast!

We don’t do things by halves here, so there are many more thrilling activities that you can try out in the nautical clubs around the Libournais region. Good times guaranteed, with more time spent in the water than travelling!

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