The markets

A market for every day of the week!

The Libournais region tantalises every sense. It has the delicious aromas drifting from the markets. It has the taste of lands with character and farming traditions. It has the softness of the fresh grass grazed by the sheep, and the warmth of bread fresh from the oven. In the markets of Libourne, Coutras, Saint-Seurin-sur l’Isle… You’ll marvel at the market stalls’ incredible palette of colours.

You simply can’t come to the Libournais region without experiencing one of our markets!

Perfect Sunday mornings at Libourne market!

Libourne’s Sunday market is always a hit! It’s popular from the crack of dawn, all year-round. Located in the Bastide, the town’s historic centre, it’s one of the Gironde’s largest markets, where Saint-Émilion’s Michelin-starred chefs come to stock up.

Between the fresh, farm, and organic produce, the delicatessen counters, and the local artisan products, the market is bursting with exceptional high-quality products to delight your senses.

Indoor markets!

Are indoor markets the new must-have? Quite possible, yes! It’s a great French tradition that you won’t just find in the larger, city regions. Head to the indoor markets of Libourne and Coutras, which are open year-round, to enjoy fresh fish, cured meats like you’ve never tasted before, and delicious cheeses! We love these markets for filling our baskets with treats and enjoying a drink with a snack at a counter or at a table in the sun.

The post-market drink – your new favourite tradition!

Chilling out with a drink and a plate of oysters, or digging into an incredible brunch after exploring the Sunday market are our new favourite traditions. Whether it’s on the quays or in a cosy café, the Bastide has the perfect post-market vibes!

Whatever your mood, we have the vibe: immense brunches on the quayside, bistro style at the Confluence, hot tea in a cosy café with sweet treats under the arcades, oysters and white wine on the corner of an indoor market, Spanish inn ambiances shared with friends… Whatever you fancy, there’s a post-market spot for it!

Market days*

Friday from 16:00 to 20:00: approx. 10 stalls

Wednesday: approx. 20 stalls, and approx. 25 stalls in the indoor market
Saturday: approx. 50 stalls and 25 stalls in the indoor market

Sunday: approx. 10 stalls

Thursday: approx. 10 stalls

Tuesday: approx. 40 stalls
Friday: approx. 90 stalls
Sunday: approx. 100 stalls

Indoor market:
Tuesday: 16 stalls
Thursday: 2-3 stalls
Friday: 16 stalls
Saturday: 2-3 stalls
Sunday: 16 stalls

Sunday: approx. 20 stalls

Saturday: 2 stalls

Friday: approx. 10 stalls

Sunday: approx. 100 stalls

Sunday: approx. 10 stalls

*All markets are in the morning, unless otherwise indicated

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