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Step into history!

A city founded over 700 years ago, Libourne is the perfect place to spark your little ones’ curiosity. What better way to introduce them to history than a tour around Bordeaux?

In the Libourne tour family, you can ask:

👀Mum: Reveal the secrets of Guîtres Abbey!

🏰Dad: Throw open the doors of the Château de Vayres!

🌿Grandson: Play at being botanists in the Château de Villatte!

⚓️Granddad: Arrive safe and sound in Guîtres!

🥾Grandma: Take a wander through the cobbled streets of the Bastide!

If walls could speak…

The kids aren’t particularly enthusiastic about history lessons at school? It’s time to put away the textbooks! Head to the confluent of the Isle and the Dordogne to join a tour around Bordeaux. So, let the harbour city of Libourne tell you about its unique history! In the shadow of the arcades, wander through the Bastide to the marketplace: The colourful stalls have been brightening up the cobbles for 600 years!

Visite guidée de l’Abbatiale de Guîtres - Styles

Get closer to Guîtres’ heritage

Aquistriae. Latin isn’t your strong point? This word means “three rivers”, and that’s exactly where the name of Guîtres comes from, for this small town with a unique character. Crossed by the Isle, the Galostre and the Lary, it’s name is perfectly apt. The perfect place to learn something new during a guided tour of the town. So, to get learning, you have plenty of choices:

  • Guided tour of Guîtres and its historic monuments
  • Strolling around the port of Guîtres
  • Discovering the Abbey and its fusion of architectural styles

At one with nature in Vayres

We all enjoy a fair bit of screen time these days, but it’s not often that you get the chance to time-travel at the same time! Set out with kids of all ages to discover ancient treasures. A château tour goes down well with everyone, so head to the banks of the Dordogne to step into the shoes of the conquistadors! Get ready, because there’s more than one way to explore the Château de Vayres!

  • Take a Château tour with a passionate guide
  • Play at being knights
  • Wander through the typical French gardens

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