Step back in time in the Libournais region’s museums

Our favourite museums for days out in Libourne!

Having been around for eight centuries, you can be sure that the Libournais region has seen its fair share of historic events! If you’re a lover of all things art and history, the region’s museums will be sure to satisfy your curiosity. With renaissance paintings, wine-producing tools, and ancient school books, you’ll cover every period of history in just one day!

On the agenda for this cultural, time-travelling day out:

👨🏻‍🎨 Discover the timeline of the artistic movements

📚Library filled with books from every century

🧺 Immerse yourself in the lives of Libournais locals from days gone by

Art through the ages

Renaissance, impressionism, baroque, classics… After a crash course in art history in Libourne’s Musée des Beaux-Arts, you’ll be able to identify all of these famous art movements and follow their journey through time!

The paintings are exhibited in chronological order, so you can brush up on your knowledge of the artistic movements. As your work your way through the museum, you’ll discover art pieces dating from the 16th Century right up to more recent work from the modern day. You’ll be able to impress friends and family as you casually refer to names such as Jacopo Bassano, Raoul Dufy and Auguste Rodin, which will all be much more familiar after a visit to

musee des beaux arts libourne galerie

village du livre de sablons livres

Page-turners guaranteed

Sometimes, there’s simply just not enough room in our bookcases at home to have a copy of all of our favourite reads. For book-lovers dreaming of one day having a library of their own, heading to the Village du Livre in the Libournais region is a great day out in the meantime.

A Mecca for bookworms and culture fans alike, this ancient building is home to thousands of books, images, vinyl discs, comics, and engravings. With books on almost everything and anything, this peaceful and enchanting haven is the perfect setting to get lost in a good book. Does it get any better than that?

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