Get hooked on fishing in the Libournais region

Grab a rod, and get ready to have a reel good time

Do you find the kids are getting restless, or they’re just glued to their screens? Head to the lakes of Libourne to try out some fishing! Get started by choosing your kit: fishing rod, hooks, and bait… You’ll be looking the part!

3 great reasons to have a go at fishing in Gironde:

🌿Get the kids out in the great outdoors

🎣Teach them concentration and patience

🐟Benefit from the knowledge and tricks of a professional

Finding the perfect spot

Little fish may swim just as well as the bigger fish, but you won’t find the same fish everywhere you go. So, you need to choose your fishing spot in line with what you prefer! You’ll find carp, tench, perch and roach in Dagueys Lake. Hoping to get a bite from white fish or predator fish?

Get started with float fishing

Are the kids pestering you to let them start a combat sport when they get back to school? How about starting them with taking on a fish? There’s nothing like float fishing to give them an easy way to learn fishing techniques, and maybe even collect some pretty cool catches! The secret lies in keeping your eyes on the float and in your timing when you get a bite! The kit you’ll need:

  • A rod
  • Fishing line
  • A cork
  • Sinkers
  • A hook

Respecting nature

Fishing in Gironde is a great experience, but let’s look after nature while we do it! It’s pretty important to teach the kids a few ground rules when you arrive at the lakeside. 3 golden rules for responsible fishing:

  • Don’t keep any caught fish out of the water for too long
  • Wet your hands before picking up or touching a fish, to preserve its skin mucus
  • Hold the fish by placing your hands underneath it, and never squeeze it

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