Pedal to the medal!

Nos activités vélo à Libourne

Cycle routes, re-purposed railways, and unexpected paths… Carefree cycling is on the cards in Libourne! No need to stop at each crossroads! In the Libournais region, you can enjoy cycling in total peace and safety! Along the rivers, through vineyards, in the town, or amongst the trees of the forest: the routes are yours for the taking, and there are some that might even surprise you!

Before setting off, here are the essential points for a cycling fan’s getaway:

🧭Try out a motorway exclusively for cyclists

🛤️ Go off-road by cycling along a railway

🌊 Get pedalling on the water, with waterbiking on the Isle

Electric bikes are the must-have mode of transport at the moment, and they’re a great way to get around and see the sights of the Libournais region: weaving through vineyards with the wind in your hair, exploring the Libourne Bastide and uncovering its hidden secrets, pedalling along the Scandibérique route and allowing yourself to be charmed by the landscapes of the Isle Valley…

Whether you’re a total beginner or an avid cyclist, taking out an electric bike is an excellent way to discover the Libournais region! Here, we’ll share with you our list of best bike rental businesses in Libourne and around the Libournais region!

Smooth cycling guaranteed!

No need to take on busy roads or cut across fields when discovering the surrounding landscapes here! The Libournais region is a haven for fans of two-wheeling! When cycling in and around Libourne, you’re spoilt for choice with three long-distance cycling routes: the Scandibérique, the Véloroute 90, and the Roger Lapébie cycle path. Across the Isle Valley, amongst the vines, or along a river, these routes give you the perfect opportunity to explore the whole region, and even to cross its borders!

On the right tracks

Are you a fan of eco-friendly transport, and simply can’t decide between the train and bikes? In Guîtres, there’s no need to choose! With the rail-bike, you can enjoy some time out cycling on a railway. Created on a former railway line, no longer in use, these quirky pedal contraptions will transport you across a 9 km circuit, during which you’ll enjoy stunning views of meadows, forests, and woodland clearings. If you’re looking for a more unusual way of enjoying cycling in Libourne, rail-biking is the activity for you!

Driving on the water

If you’re the type who likes to venture off the beaten (and marked) path when cycling, Porchères has the perfect route for you! Hop onto a waterbike on the River Isle for a wonderfully unique experience: cycling on the water! Just a stone’s throw from Porchères Windmill, in the middle of a classified nature reserve, you can pedal with the current and discover this new mode of transport which is innovative, to say the least.

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